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Process Control Networks

Process Control Networks (PCN) control the heart of your production environments and are tied directly to the productivity of your facility.

At SMT, we speak your language.  IT Works PCN streamlines the operations of supporting and managing the life cycle of process control networks. IT Works PCN delivers increased speed, efficiencies and flexibility to respond to business changes, lowers the risk of running unauthorized software, streamlines workflow, and lower costs.

The focus of the PCN support staff is to maintain the network; installing, configuring systems, tuning the network, maintaining security and ensuring software updates… and their function is mission critical to business operations. Automating and streamlining the management of your PCN and systems lets the support staff focus their attention on improving and adding functionality and performance, instead of just maintaining the status quo.

  • Simplifying support logistics. Logistics makes it challenging to manage distributed PCNs, especially if you have multiple control rooms, or an expensive refinery. IT Works PCN provides the ability to manage systems by remote control, allowing enterprise-wide management from a single console reducing the requirements for the support staff to travel to each device location.
  • Streamling system complexity. PCN software and hardware solutions are complex because the services they manage are complex and mission critical. IT Works PCN provides a framework to allow the PCN support team to manage the devices and personalities of the devices with efficiency and transparency. From a single console, the administrator has complete knowledge of hardware and software installed and configured on each device.
  • Increasing system flexibility.   IT Works PCN provides the ability to tune and customize the environment quickly and easily. The ability to test a variety of performance options allows the team to deliver the best solution to the business. IT Works PCN provides the capability to change system configurations quickly and easily as your processes change. When migrations or new systems are installed, the majority of these changes can be automated.
  • Decreasing security risks. The possible infiltration of internal computing environments is now part of daily security monitoring. It is imperative that software upgrades, virus and security patches are kept current. IT Works PCN provides a tighter administration and regulation by automating the maintenance and authenticating what software can be loaded onto a device reducing the possibility of a virus infecting the network. Each device also can be locked so absolutely no software can be loaded without prior administrative permission.
  • Providing more strategic focus.  IT is a key business partner involved in creating innovation requiring personnel to invest more time in strategic activities. However, there will always be daily, much needed tasks IT performs to keep your business engine running. IT Works PCN enables your staff to automate the majority of these tasks associated with their support efforts, providing them valuable time to focus on implementing initiatives that put you ahead of your competition.
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