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Migration Assessment

Change is a constant. Nowhere is that more true than in technology which is continuously evolving. It is imperative for any business that wishes to stay in business, much less have a competitive IT edge; to learn what new technologies to adopt, when to adopt them, and how to manage that adoption. Owing to the myriad factors involved in enterprise-wide systems changes and upgrades, having a good migration strategy and the right tools to implement that strategy is essential to any successful implementation

Migration is not a liner process; rather multiple interdependent activities are happening simultaneously. Understanding how all these tasks intertwine is essential for a successful outcome and protects your project team from having negative or unexpected surprises.

SMT offers Migration Planning Services is designed to eliminate the risk with a migration or technology change. Our professional services staff works diligently to understand your unique environment and create the project plan that will allow the changes to be made seamlessly, efficiently, and in the shortest time possible.  There are a multiple layers including, but not limited to, culture, business, technology, personnel training, that optimally should be taken into account.

Our methodology is based on a comprehensive approach that takes into consideration how the change process effects the entire organization and then creates a plan to minimize the disruption and maximizes the speed of the changes. SMT provides you with a complete project plan including the strategy, process and tasks for implementing the changes. The plan provides enough information so your staff will have the ability to implement those changes, or SMT can assist with the implementation, if desired.

The SMT Migration Assessment includes:

  • Business Considerations
  • Migration Timeline
  • Testing Guidelines
  • Migrations Logistics
  • Training Recommendations
  • Support Recommendations

Please contact SMT for a consultation to your migration situation.  An SMT expert will be able to provide you with details of what they can do to enhance and streamline the migration process for your company.

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